Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Updates and Special Announcement

Hi everybody. Welcome to Dead By Dawn, the podcast where we are about to start yappening about what happening in the second season of Ash Vs Evil Dead and stay tuned at the end for a big announcement.

We have a bit of controversy over the start date. Bruce Campbell had tweeted that the release date was September 23rd 2016. Yeah less than a full year but since then the tweet has been released and the official word is that  the release hasn’t been announced.

CASTING NEWS- TV vet Lee Majors has boarded Season 2 of Starz’s Ash vs. Evil Dead in the role of Brock Williams, Ash’s father! Man Lee Majors is pretty great. Also cast, as we all predicted would happen, is Ted Raimi as Ash's childhood friend Chet Kaminski.

Another update is that the toy company NECA has released its three AvED toys. Check out the pictures on our blog page. We get our friend Ben Fransham as Eligos in a super badass rendition.

So for the big news!

We are going to get into Evil Dead 2 for our next film but we are structuring it in a fun way. We’re calling it Evil Dead 2 Minutes. We are going break up evil dead into 45 part series where were each episode goes into 2 minute chunk of the film.

We’re currently securing special guests for the episodes and well as getting interviews cut into the episodes with the cast and crew. We already have a couple people secured including some of the animators and actors! 

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